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Due to me developing some kind of super-powered head cold, I've had to reschedule our livestream to November 16th and 17th

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22 Sep 19 Holy Moly! We've achieved our fundraising goal and we are well on our way to Game Day. It's a little bit late, but I updated the tentative schedule for the games we're going to be playing this year. We're switching it up a little bit and we're going to be playing fewer games for longer periods of time. This is partly because there are going to be three of us this year, and it's kind of tough to find a lot of three-ish player games where all three people are in the same room, and partly because I thought it would be nice to maybe finish a game this time around instead of showing the first hour or so of each one and then moving on to something else just as we're getting started.

25 Aug 19 Wow! It's been almost a year already? I guess I should start getting this site back up into ship shape for the marathon, which is about 60-odd days away. I can't wait!