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2 Nov 18 It's here! Well almost. As of this writing, we're less than 24 hours away from the big event. I made a couple of changes to the schedule to account for the developer of Super Homebrew War sending me a copy of his game (thanks!). I'd write more, but I have some more last-minute planning to do

8 Oct 18 It's just under a month from Game Time and I managed to cobble together a list of games that we'll be trying to play during the marathon. For the longer board games like Dokapon Kingdom and Monopoly, we're probably going to be playing the same saved game as last year (hooray, continuity!). This isn't the final list, and it could change up to and including Game Day (but probably not after, since that would be silly), but it's pretty close.

3 Sep 18 It's almost time for Extra-Life 2018! Where does the time go? I'll have to investigate. Anyway, While I'm working on the schedule of games that we'll be playing this year, I've added the donation tracker so we can see how much we crush last year's total by.

9 Feb 18 Replacing the page with this thing. There's some stuff missing, like a schedule. Those things will come as I figure them out.

9 Feb 18 Prepping this page to get the site off of Wordpress. It's not like I used many of the Wordpress features anyway. Not sure if anyone is using the RSS feed. I should maybe look at that.